on the road with melody
on the road with melody


Hailing from the creative hub of Byron Bay, Melody Jasmine creates spectacular images on film.
Her work embodies a natural femininity and captures the spontaneity of the effortless beauty within her brazen and bold subjects.

She handpicks many of her muses, having collected a band of fresh faces to embody the nature of her free flowing and intriguing practice. Melody aims to create something more expressive within her work for brands and labels, often painting a story with her photographs and subjects.

Melody is highly versatile and can quickly jump from shooting for a campaign, to photographing and creating shoots completely solo, partaking in every facet from location scouting, styling and even sourcing props. 


Offering a boutique experience, our talent seeks to promote brands we adore, believe in, and want to work with that represent and authentic and genuine values. The faces we represent have been thoughtfully selected not only for their look, but for their unique personalities, individual style and a certain 'je ne sais quoi' factor.

We have shot with them time and time again, and have been lured in with their intriguing little quirks and fallen in love with their curious mannerisms from the get go. 

We believe that your brand should be represented by real, inspired and genuine people. The models we offer the opportunity to work with are not only beautiful, but are also captivating and alluring, with the potential to create an engaging experience and outcome that is both personal and professional.